CSH & EHS Football Scholarships

A $1,000 scholarship will be given to a Chatfield Senior High School football letterman.


The recipient:

  • reflects the true spirit of athletics by demonstrating loyalty, integrity, determination and leadership skills which invoke a sense of fairness and justice;
  • values the importance of a team and each of its members;
  • contributes to the well being of his/her school and community;
  • letters his/her senior year;
  • has a minimum of 3.2 grade point average;
  • has been accepted to a post-secondary educational institution.

Application Procedure

  1. Submit an essay in which you explain how you meet this scholarship’s criteria. As an alternative to an essay, you may submit a product presentation that explains how you meet the criteria for this award. Please include a brief written review of your presentation process.
  2. Interview with the Scholarship Committee composed of members of the Beaty family, Foundation board members and former coaches. Interviews will be scheduled by school counseling offices.

Application Submission

Please submit all 2022 scholarship applications by April 10, 2022, using the following form:

CSH Scholarship Form